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I've been writing features for 15 years, for publications ranging from the Sunday Times to Time Out and History Today to TGO - The Great Outdoors, and in that time I've never missed a deadline or had a piece refused. So if you would like to commission me to write something for you, get in touch via the contact page.

My particular areas of expertise are travel writing, archaeology, religion, history, JRR Tolkien and science, but I can turn my pen to pretty well any subject and come up with something interesting.

Here are some of my features that are available online; many further examples of my work are in my portfolio. If you'd like to see them, just ask.

Northumberland Coast in Time Out."It's perfect, isn't it?" My gesture took in two castles, three lighthouses and a beach, broad and empty as the moon.
"If perfection includes having your skin sandblasted and freezing water," observed my wife.

Alderley Edge in Time Out. Taking off my glove, I knocked on the rock face and opened my mouth to say the magic word, but nothing emerged. "You haven't forgotten, have you?" I looked at my wife. I had.

Belgium's beachlife in bmi Voyager. Beer, chocolate and Poirot are what usually come to come to mind when anyone mentions Belgium. Beaches don't figure.

The King of Swords in History Today. Fifty years ago, excavating within the walls of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, the archaeologist Dr Brian Hope-Taylor unearthed an extraordinary sword. But he didn't realise what he had discovered, and the sword was forgotten.

Wild Northumberland in TNT Magazine. Feeling macho? Brave Northumberland’s extreme weather to dig up human bones and old treasure.

These are some of the publications I have written for. Unfortunately, the articles below are not available online but I have most of them in my portfolio.

Time Out Magazine. Apart from the two features listed above, I've contributed many other pieces to the magazine over the years.

Time Out Guides. I've lost count of the number of features I've written in Time Out's award-winning series of guide books, but it must be getting up near three figures now.

TGO - The Great Outdoors. I've written five features for the magazine over the last two years, with more to come, ranging from Northumberland to Shropshire to Cheshire, as well as looking at the deeper reasons that move people to seek out the wild.

Country Walking. There's a reason the Prime Minister, whoever he or she is, is always taking off to the countryside. Chequers, and the surrounding Chilterns, is lovely, and this feature walks you round the estate and hills.

Catholic Herald. For my feature on why Catholics convert to Islam I interviewed many converts to see if there is any underlying pattern. The short answer: yes. I also wrote a piece on the trials and temptations of a parish council chairman.

Catholic Life. I wrote eight features for this magazine, including a short series on the life, work and theology of JRR Tolkien, the meaning of icons and the hermit's quest for solitude.




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