Acceptance notes – no.13 in a series


Of course, nothing prompts a renewal of the rejection notes series more than an acceptance note, and here’s a good one! I’m delighted to have found a home for Knock, Knock – it’s one of my favourite stories and the journal that will be publishing it is excellent.

Dear Edoardo,

Thanks for sending this story, I really enjoyed reading it. We have just finalised our selection for Issue Seven however, and don’t have any more room. Would you be willing for us to hold onto this for Issue Eight (December 2014)?

If you prefer to submit elsewhere for a while, that’s OK just let me know, and I can leave this piece sitting here for a few months.

Alternatively, if you’re definitely happy to have it in Issue Eight, let me know and I’ll accept it now.

Either way is cool.

Reader, he said yes.


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