Ibn Sina: A Concise Life

On 14 May, the next in my series of concise lives of major Muslim figures is being published by Kube Publishing. Ibn Sina: A Concise Life does what it says on the cover, it provides a concise account of one of the most extraordinary men in history. Ibn Sina drained the cup of life dry, fitting daring escapes, rises to power and falls into prison, a scandalous disregard for the opinions of everyday Muslims into a life devoted above all else to the pursuit of philosophical truth. He was the last man to know everything, and he wasn’t above letting you know that either.


Review of Imam al-Ghazali

Authors, being thin-skinned creatures with an unstable sense of the worth of their work, generally don’t subscribe to the view that any publicity is good publicity when applied to reviews. So, I’m delighted to get a good review from Publishers’ Weekly for Imam al-Ghazali: A Concise Life.


As the reviewer likes the format, it also bodes well for my upcoming book on Ibn Sina for Kube: Ibn Sina: A Concise Life.