Timothy and the Animals

Timothy and the Animals is now available online, from the excellent On The Premises team. A taster:

Dear Mr. President/Prime Minister – please delete as applicable

(Timothy had seen this on a form once and thought it looked very official.)

I love animals, but we’ve only got cats and dogs round here, unless you count Megs and his gang. Please could you send me one of yours,

Your Friend,


PS. I promise to vote for you when I grow up.

PPS. And say nice things about you to the papers.

Growing Power

This is astonishing: we left a ball in the garden over the winter and a plant grew through it! We only realised what had happened when my son tried to pick up the ball and the plant came with it. Here’s the photographic evidence.

Hello and welcome

Greetings to everybody visiting my site – I take it the sudden spike is as a result of people reading The Dream of the Night-Shift Power Worker, yesterday’s emailed story from Daily Science Fiction. Thank you for reading the story; I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve had many other stories published, most of which can be read online via links found on my Stories page. Let me know what you think, either through a comment or by contacting me directly.

Rejection Notes – no.6 in a series

Sometimes, a good rejection can be almost as good as an acceptance. Editors, take note.

Dear Edoardo,

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to consider your story, “Immortal Longings.” After reading and discussing it, and then holding it for further consideration, we’ve decided to pass on it. It’s a charming read, but it will go right over the heads of our readers, as it did for half our editorial board.

Good luck placing this one elsewhere.

Traction on Kindle

The Spring issue of The Colored Lens is out, featuring Traction, a story of model railway clubs, treachery and Greek gods (three signifiers that have never, to my knowledge, appeared together before). I hope you will enjoy it. It’s available on Kindle at the moment, but will appear online in the Summer.

Books in Hands

It’s strange, given that words are such insubstantial things, but nothing pleases an author (or at least this author) more than getting his hands on the first copy of his new book. So I was delighted when a parcel arrived this morning with my writer copies of Imam Al-Ghazali: A Concise Life. I’d seen a pdf, but nothing beats holding the actual paper in your hands, and I spent the day quietly indulging in the usual fantasies of best-seller lists and huge sales. However many copies the book does sell in the end. Yosef Smyth, my editor, and Louis Mackay, the designer, have done a wonderful job of turning woods into a finished book.

Rejection Notes – No.5 in a series

Dear Edoardo,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to consider your story, “Through the Dart.” After reading and discussing it, we have decided that it does not work for us. Good luck placing it elsewhere.

To tell the truth, we’re just plain getting tired of seeing vampire stories. Even clever and original ones, like yours.

Not this one, but definitely, we’d like to see more stories from you.