Rejection notes – no.24 in a series

Dear Edoardo,

Thank you for letting me see “Far Trader.” I’m sorry it didn’t strike me as quite right for our present needs.

I rather like your style of writing and suggest that you try us again.

(It may be just as well this was rejected. Just after I sent the story off, my wife pointed out to me that a slight change in emphasis when reading the title would transform it into Fart Raider. Not quite the effect I was looking for!)

Rejection notes – no.23 in a series


Thanks very much for sending this story to […]. Unfortunately, it’s not quite right for us.  I really liked the setting and the sense of detail, and I felt an intriguing acuteness in Cavel’s tone and situation, but the exposition on the background felt slow of pace to me after the first couple paragraphs, and I didn’t feel as much of an acuteness or urgency develop in Cavel’s situation as I needed for the story to continue to hold my interest.

We appreciate your interest in our magazine.  Please feel free to submit other work in the future.


Rejection notes – no.22 in a series

Dear Edoardo,

Thanks for the kind comments about electronic submissions. I’m glad it gave you a chance to submit “Ghost of Mars.” I enjoyed reading this, but the end didn’t quite win me over so I’m going to pass on it. Best of luck to you placing this one elsewhere, and thanks again for sending it my way.

If I do this again I hope to see more submissions from you.

Rejection notes – no.21 in a series

Dear Edoardo,

Thanks for sending us your work, we’ve been agonising over the final selection because we did really enjoy your story, but ultimately it hasn’t made it into Issue Five.

We’d be very pleased to see more of you work in a month or two when we begin selecting submissions for Issue Six.

Thanks again for trusting us with your work. We wish you a happy 2014 and best of luck with your writing.


Rejection notes – no.20 in a series

This, on the other hand, occupies the ‘encouraging’ and ‘frustrating’ categories of rejection notes.

Thanks for submitting “Ghosts” to […] but I’m going to pass on it. Every single assistant editor (and it went through all four of them, which doesn’t happen that often) had things they liked about your story and things they didn’t. In the end I decided it just didn’t quite work for our needs, and I wish you the best of luck placing it elsewhere. We’ll have to call this one a near-miss.

Rejection notes – no.19 in a series

One of the most interesting rejection notes I’ve received. This was a story I wrote many years ago and I suspect the criticisms are quite accurate – it’s just a question of whether I have the time to revisit and rewrite the story.


Thanks for sending me your story “Immortal Longings”, unfortunately it is not quite right for [...].
An interesting idea and well written, but it was far too drawn out with little plot (beyond the guessing who was who). I’m afraid the ending did not come as a surprise, and as the whole story seemed to lead to that twist ending it was disappointing. I felt your story sometimes confused the novel and film version of a character (Rhett Butler?), as if it actually was an actor being cast in a part. I had hoped there would be more of a plot, like a murder of a character to be investigated by Sam Spade or something. A new story populated by old characters. The background is promising, but, for me needs more excitement and action, not just talking and guessing games. I also wonder what happens to characters who have had ‘parts’ but are now out of copyright?

Please bear in mind that this is only my opinion. I hope the comments help, if not there are many other editors with different opinions and tastes.

I wish you all success in placing your story elsewhere.

Rejection notes – no.18 in a series

And this is from a first-rate magazine.

Dear Edoardo Albert,

Thank you for your submission to […]. I thought your story had its strong points, including an interesting concept, but ultimately I didn’t think this was quite right for us. The voice, here, didn’t seem to be what we’re looking for: something lyrical, while being understated and emotive. I’m going to have to pass on this, but I wish you the best of luck placing your story elsewhere.


Rejection notes – no.17 in a series

I’m getting more encouraging rejection notes – see no.17 and no.18 in the series.

Hi Edoardo,

Thank you for submitting to […]. We regret to inform you that “Plausible Deniability” was not selected for publication in Issue #16. We received an abundance of submissions and had to make some very hard decisions. We liked your story very much and are certain it will find/has found a home. We welcome any future submissions to […].

Thanks again for letting us read your work.


Rejection notes – no.16 in a series

This is the sort of rejection note that is almost as good as an acceptance!

A fun tale, Edoardo!

Unfortunately, it’s not a good fit for us at this time – even though I love a good satire!

I wish you the best in placing this elsewhere. I noticed your books above, and they sound fascinating. I do believe I’ll place them on my list.