Rejection notes – no.19 in a series

One of the most interesting rejection notes I’ve received. This was a story I wrote many years ago and I suspect the criticisms are quite accurate – it’s just a question of whether I have the time to revisit and rewrite the story.


Thanks for sending me your story “Immortal Longings”, unfortunately it is not quite right for [...].
An interesting idea and well written, but it was far too drawn out with little plot (beyond the guessing who was who). I’m afraid the ending did not come as a surprise, and as the whole story seemed to lead to that twist ending it was disappointing. I felt your story sometimes confused the novel and film version of a character (Rhett Butler?), as if it actually was an actor being cast in a part. I had hoped there would be more of a plot, like a murder of a character to be investigated by Sam Spade or something. A new story populated by old characters. The background is promising, but, for me needs more excitement and action, not just talking and guessing games. I also wonder what happens to characters who have had ‘parts’ but are now out of copyright?

Please bear in mind that this is only my opinion. I hope the comments help, if not there are many other editors with different opinions and tastes.

I wish you all success in placing your story elsewhere.


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