Rejection Notes – no.6 in a series

Sometimes, a good rejection can be almost as good as an acceptance. Editors, take note.

Dear Edoardo,

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to consider your story, “Immortal Longings.” After reading and discussing it, and then holding it for further consideration, we’ve decided to pass on it. It’s a charming read, but it will go right over the heads of our readers, as it did for half our editorial board.

Good luck placing this one elsewhere.


  1. Charming. It is great that they held if for further discussion but a shame they didn’t have the cocones to go with it. Famously Gerard Manley Hopkins ‘Wreck of the Deutschland’ was rejected by a fellow Jesuit who was editing our magazine the month. Ever since that debacle (the now defunct) Month has published any poetry sent to it!

    Take Heart as is discussed here — — Many literary giants were rejected numerous times. perserverance!

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