A Marmite Book

‘Burn all copies.’

‘A stunningly mature and elegiac read of cold duty and family love.’

‘Written like a 10 year old…A talking squirrel.’

‘A bold, wildly imaginative story.’

‘No fan should read this book.’

‘Silent Hunters was the first book in years that i couldn’t stop reading.’

‘It seems that the editors and the author himself have some kind of sexual disorder.’

‘The plot twists are just breathtaking.’

‘We are faced with the feverish delirium of one writer who has composed a simply high-quality graphomaniac fan fiction, in which “the power of love and castration” surpasses everything in the world.’

All genuine quotes from reviews of Silent Hunters.

As you can see, it’s something of a Marmite book. Now it’s out in paperback, why not read it yourself and make your own mind up. Silent Hunters is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.


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