The Sentience Register Accepted

The Sentience Register has been accepted for December publication in Title Goes Here: I’m particularly pleased about this, as I wrote the story quite a while ago and always thought it was one of my best, yet no editor, despite various kind comments, ever wanted to take it.


  1. Good news – keep plugging away! You know the guy who published the Shack (now sold over 10 million copies) had to publish the first edition himself…. not sure I am a great fan of the book though. Is there any way I can get a copy of ‘put title here’ in the Phillipines? Loved the podcasts by the way!

  2. I had to look The Shack up. It sounds interesting, though I hold your doubts in mind. How does it compare to something like CS Lewis’s The Great Divorce?

    As far as reading The Sentience Register is concerned, Title Goes Here is both an online and printed journal, and the Register is going in the web edition. I’ll sing out loud and clear when it’s online!

    Harriet’s reading your praise and purring quietly behind me!

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