Adventures in Bookland: The Gates of Noon by Michael Scott Rohan

The Gates of Noon by Michael Scott Rohan

Sequel to Chase the Morning and perhaps a slight disappointment. A decade or so since the events of the first book, Steven has all but forgotten the way to the Rim, while the girl he went sailing away into the sea of the sky to find has moved on to other things (one of the slight missteps of the book: we have to wait for a hundred pages before we even find out what happened to her). This time, Steven heads off to the east, to Bali, with a consignment called for by his lost love, only to encounter the old gods of Bali where the Rim meets the Spiral. Perhaps Rohan overdoes the prose portraits a little: the book is probably 50 pages longer than it should be and so it comes down a star in my rating.


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